Active fume Exhaust

Reading about ABS fumes made me worried as I share the same space with my Makerbot Replocator 2X so I designed and build this active exhaust with a fan I removed from some scraped equipment. What you’ll see is the first version which is working perfectly but lacks the fineness and style which I will (maybe) do at a later stage. Nevertheless, it works fine, no smell in the office and no worries, no extra noise and no negative effect on the printer due to reduced temperature or airflow.

Within the files you will find my original Sketchup so you can improve and modify the parts to your needs, if you do so, please share your work and add a link to a comment on this thing.

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This is an exciting game made of 56 unique triangle tiles with a number on each corner, similar in concept to a domino (more about the game here

To ensure durability, as this was a gift to my kids’ elementary school and expected to last many years, I used hard maple for the tiles and gathered all my design and implementation skills, and mainly patience, to generate g-code that will make these 56 one-off’s.

Family Crest (or, what is stronger than steel)

OK, maybe not a “crest” per se, maybe it should be called a family symbol, or icon, whatever the name is, this is a thing made of two large rough steel wheels and three smaller shine balls, all mixed together in perfect harmony. One of the large wheels is complete and full, the other one is broken or incomplete, nevertheless the five elements integrate into one solid body.

Ask my kids what is stronger than steel, they will not hesitate to answer, family.


Negus toolboxes project

In the past few weeks I was working on a family project of restoring my father’s hand tools and building wooden toolbox to contain the tools along with historical details and personal message to future generations. The toolboxes made from wood salvaged from my parents bed have been given to family members last night during the Rosh-Hashanah dinner at our house.

Being a personal project with an attempt to touch both past and future, it is hard to describe the emotional importance of the project to all of us, so I will leave it as is but will happily share some photos with you.


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iCube Desktop

A 4x4x4” Cubic with 5 touch screens, sound, BT/Wi-Fi, run Apps, play sound and video, communicate and connect.


The Problem

Smartphones are great but are not desktop natives. At your desk, your PC or smartphone are never at the right size and position to share content and view multiple sources simultaneously. Using your smartphone to show apps, videos or images to someone sitting in front of you is never comfortable. Tilting your computer screen cause you to bend over and stretch across your desk. When several gusts are sitting around your meeting room you lose control once you give away your smartphone to be circulated. When using your smartphone at your desk you have to hold it in order to view the screen, lay it on the table to do something else and hold it again to see if the stock you are following has changed or to view the clock again to make sure you are not late for your next meeting.

The Solution

iCube is a desktop Multiscreen Cubic Computer (MC2) running tablet OS and apps. With 5 hires touch screens (faces) and dual speakers on the bottom face delivering hi-fi sound, iCube store and play all popular AV media formats. Equipped with BT and Wi-Fi, iCube communicates with servers and gadgets and can be controlled using own GUI or remote desktop applications.
Syncing with smartphone’s and desktop’s email and calendar applications, iCube is the ideal platform to manage daily tasks on one face while presenting other information on other faces.
iCube includes high density battery allowing 2 weeks between charges under normal usage conditions, utilizes very large SSD and accepts external memory cards in designated slot on the bottom face.