Teak side table

The idea was to build what should  look like a floating table top. At first I didn’t realize that most of the work would be in creating the table top itself as the original teak stock which I intended to use didn’t glue up nicely, partly because of the lack of decent jointer, the rest is due to lack of experience I guess.

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To overcome the gluing problem I decided to slice the wood into thin stripes which I glued one by one on their sides which gave the fantastic pattern. Building the legs was no big deal and I only had an issue with the finish which was planned to be a burned metal but came out rather nice with the black primer.

2 thoughts on “Teak side table”

  1. Really like the effect of the ‘floating’ top. It works very well.

    Shame about the problems you had initially gluing the teak but, the end result looks great.

    I’ve never worked with teak but I’ve been told you need to wipe the mating surfaces down with acetone (white spirit or similar might also do) before applying any glue. It’s to do with the oily nature of the wood and pockets of silica, I believe.

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