How to fix a vibrating / shaking / crazy P2V+ camera gimbal

It appears that after a crash or even a modest hit the camera may get life of its own. As shown in the video bellow, the gimbal starts to vibrate and shake with no apparent reason and the remote has no control over it. Sometimes it will get fixed by itself and you can fly, but you should expect it to go wild again and need to fix the gimbal.

What may look like control / firmware issue is a simple mechanical failure of the gimbal’s X axis which upon good side impact will get loose from its base. As shown in image A below, the axis marked green should be firmly snagged in the yellow marked bore.


Once the axis is released from its base, the only thing that holds the motor in place is the round magnet of the brushless motor. It will hold it with enough strength and you may have no clue that it is broken. It also may work for some time after the impact but once the axis turns freely it will misalign the camera position and the trimmer-potentiometer located on the other side of the motor will not read correct physical position of the camera.

Image B shows a post impact trimmer and its misalignment with the camera on the X-axis. The trimmer is the feedback mechanism of the micro-controller which reads the trimmer resistance based on its angular position (like a volume button) and assumes the camera is aligned with it. When the reading is extreme to one of the ends, the controller tries to fix it and starts bouncing quite radically.


The proper alignment of the trimmer is shown in the image C, note the blue lines, the trimmer flat notch should be parallel with the flat edge of the PCB. Don’t worry about slight misalignment, the gimbal can work with that.


To fix the problem I remounted the axis using extreme strength treads locker (Loctite or similar) and clamped the motor in place overnight to allow the bond to fully cure.

Not knowing in advance what I am dealing with, I took the camera off the quad but you don’t have to, you can do the work leaving the gimbal attached to the body. If you do take it apart, you can use plastic wire fasteners instead of the anti-drop pins which you have to cut during disassembly.


A test flight I did today gave very good results, no evidence of the problem. However, I am not sure how long this will hold, the axis might be released again and I will have to repeat the fix. This is why I used soft Loctite and not hard metal bonding formulas that will make it difficult to remove residues in due time.

As for DJI, it seems to me they are aware of the problem but will not tell you how to fix it, they will however ask you t ship it back.

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  1. How is your fix doing.
    I just picked my Phantom2v+ up from the hobby shop as they wanted $750 to install a new gimbal and camera (only parts DJI sends them is a complete set).
    I saw your fix and now that I have the parts at home I am attempting to try it.
    Question: I assume the camera needs to be parallel with the PCB blue line as well.
    Also if the fix does not hold I am considering drilling and taping a small hole in end of the rod and screwing a small bolt with washer in so it cannot come back out?
    Do you think this will work?

  2. As I mentioned in the forum, my fix wasn’t holding for long time and I had to re do it but since then I crashed my camera and had to buy a new one. At the time I was looking for better solution while avoiding super glue which other guys used, maybe successfully. I was thinking of drilling and tapping and do have a Sherline mill but a 1.6 mm shaft is quite a challenge.

  3. I have the same problem but on vertical arm. I would like know of the trimmer value in 0 position, i hope to solve the problem. In this moment the ribbon cable is broken (I’m waiting to receive from ATKDrone site). I tried to connect the gimbal without horizontal arm and camera only vertical arm if this no issue i want to calibrate the arm to check the trimmer adjustment.
    Best regards

  4. Hey Nino, in photo A, how do you get it to that point? I know you said the magnet is pretty strong, but do you just wedge the two pieces apart? How much force should it take? I feel like mine won’t come apart, and I’m scared to use too much force.


    Andy Field

      1. Ugh. Mine still stabilizes forward and backward, but when the drone leans right the gimbal tilts the camera hard to the left and it kind of flops down hard left and stays there. So it isn’t going crazy like some of these, but I can’t figure out what’s causing it. Any ideas?

    1. Yeah, I’ve looked there too. I’m not finding anything that’s getting me there. I hate to send it in to DJI; I am a teacher and bought this for my classroom so I don’t have a budget for repairs. It still films well; it just leans hard to the left.

      1. I am a teacher as well. When my gimble went bad I called DJI and they said sent it in. I did and it came back fixed with no bill. they even replaced the bent leg from a hard “landing”
        took about a month but they said they were hiring more techs to work on them to shorten the return time.

  5. I’m having this problem very seriously and taking all my resources with lots of time to fix. Unfortunately, I cannot fix it until now..
    There is no service center in Myanmar either.

    May you please let me know where exactly you put the glue? I’m confused and don’t want to destroy it either. Would the loctite Threadlocker 290 be OK?

    Thank you so much in advance!!!

      1. Thank you.
        I have tried many ways to re-adjust and just couldn’t remember how but it is not shaking anymore. But the gimbal also didn’t work anymore. The camera is just hanging there.

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