My name is Nino Ransenberg and I am here to share some the outcome of my hobbies which varies from woodworking to metalworking, from computerized machining to constructive carpentry, or in other words whatever makes me work with my hands more than with my head which I have done more than enough in the past 30 years of my involvement in founding and managing high-tech ventures on which you can read at the DSNR Group website and my new venture Moving Life.

Enjoy my website and fill free to comment.


ME & SON @ Work

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  1. Hi Nino saw your Atto video and you. Spooky. Your walk is my walk as a 70 year old also Polio man. I think your engineered Atto is wonderful. I am about to order one. May I offer a suggestion. The blanks which cover where the arm rests fit could so easily be altered to make one or two storage boxes. I am thinking Usb lead, Radar Key, wallet, phone, plastic shopping bag. Etc. May be even an emergency small battery pack.
    Just the best thing since legs were invented. Atleast better than my left Polio leg. Enjoy your life. Warm regards John sidebottom

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