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Patented Mobility Scooter Folds to the Size of a Trolley Suitcase

 Moving Life, from Ra’anana, Israel (, founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs Nino Ransenberg and Yuval Chomski, has developed a revolutionary mobility scooter for the handicapped and elderly in need of mobility assistance. The ATTO mobility scooter offers its user complete mobility and can be folded within seconds to the size of a trolley suitcase. This new mobility scooter offers complete mobility in places that are not accessible to other scooters, such as stairs, escalators, small elevators, or narrow passages. “Words cannot describe the feeling of being discriminated against because you use a mobility scooter”, says Ransenberg. He adds, “There are very few cities in the world where a taxi driver will stop to pick up a passenger with a mobility scooter, to say nothing of cafes and restaurants that people avoid because there is simply no room for their vehicle”. Ransenberg devised and initiated the development of this unique product after a decade of extensive use of several mobility scooter models and multiple frustrating experiences that drove him to seek a better solution.

The first mobility scooter developed by Moving Life weighs 28kg and can travel up to 16km without recharging its battery. For storage, the owner can fold the vehicle or dismantle it into two parts. When folded, the user can transport it effortlessly just like maneuvering a trolley suitcase on four wheels, or place it in the trunk of a car. “The advantage is that the average user can avoid obstacles that were previously impassable”, says Chomski. He adds that Ransenberg presented his idea to him while he was still living abroad and he began to study the topic on his many trips around Europe. “I had never before observed the world from the perspective of a mobility scooter’s user, but I suddenly began to notice elderly and handicapped people with these types of vehicles everywhere I went. You see plenty of them when you actually look for them, and you also discover the problems and obstacles they encounter”. Ransenberg describes a situation that he encounters frequently at the entrance to parks and stadiums in the US and Europe, “Everyone walks in through the revolving door and you and your family are stuck waiting for someone to notice you”.

Moving Life was founded in 2012 and develops the mobility scooter exclusively. The 12 engineers and designers staff was handpicked and develops the company’s product according to the strictest international standards. The company has set the goal of building “the world’s most comfortable and amazing” mobility scooter, says the CEO Ori Goren. “We seek out the faults in our product and in other products, and find solutions for each problem”. Before joining MovingLife, Goren was the director of a technological startup company owned by Stanley Black & Decker, and is very familiar with the world of development and manufacturing. Managing the company, says Goren, is a daily decision-making process involving three main considerations – the product’s user, design, and engineering.

Moving Life introduced its product to the international market, particularly the USA, where hundreds of thousands of different models and makes of mobility scooters are sold annually at prices within the $1,000 – 5,000 range. The cost of ATTO is at the range of $3,000 for end consumers in the USA and a slightly higher price in other parts of the world. “The American market encompasses the largest number of orders, therefore US distributors can order larger quantities and reduce prices as a result”, says Chomski, adding that this enables the company to develop attractive sales offers through distributors and online. This is where Ransenberg’s vast knowledge and experience comes in. Ransenberg founded the DSNR Group and sold its online sales activity and the Bezecom company for $25M and in 2008 established DMG, an international performance based ad network with a turnover of $100M which he leverage when marketing the ATTO mobility scooter.

More information can be found on the company’s website:

2 thoughts on “Moving Life News Release”

  1. Is this unit for sale in the USA.
    Would like more detailed specs.
    I am a disabled veteran living on Long Island, N.Y.
    Great idea;
    Looks like luggage.
    Will Airlines approve and TSA
    approve it.

    Thank you
    Patrick Brazill

  2. Patrick,

    Is this unit for sale in the USA: Mid 2015.

    Would like more detailed specs:
    • Front half weight: 28.7 lbs; rear half weight 28.7 lbs
    • Assembled weight: 57.4 lbs without battery and armrests
    • Battery: 48 Volts Li-ion, weight 4.4 lbs
    • Operating range: 11 miles
    • Armrests weight (optional): 3.3lbs
    • Dimensions in trolley mode (H L W in inches):
    28 x 16 x 15
    • Dimensions in drive mode (H L W in inches):
    36 x 22 x 47

    Will Airlines approve and TSA approve it: Of course, it is been tested to fly in the cabin!

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